Let's Preach the Christmas Story - 91 Sermons on Christmas

Let's Preach the Christmas Story - 91 Sermons on Christmas

Note from Dr. Joe L. Sharp

...I pastored the same group of people for thirty-nine years. It's difficult to come up with something new and different year after year on Christmas. I usually preached at least four different Christmas messages per year. It kept me constantly digging for fresh material. If you pastor or teach a Sunday school class, this book will give you some new ideas. I hope you will enjoy and use it ... Dr. Joe L. Sharp


Chapter Subject
I Chapter 1 The Importance Of Christmas
II Chapter 2 Jesus In The Old Testament
III Chapter 3 The Christmas Story From Luke And Matthew
IV Chapter 4 An Outline Of The Christmas Story
V Chapter 5 Why There Is No Christmas Story In Mark And John
VI Chapter 6 The Importance The Christmas Story Has On The Rest Of The New Testament
VII Chapter 7 Introduction To The Rest Of The Book

Excerpt from a Sermon - A Savior is Born:

Luke 2:11, Matt1:21

A. As we come to this Christmas season, if we are not careful, we'll forget the whole meaning of Christmas. Explain,

B. The manger, Wise Men, Mary and Joseph, the star, the angels, the shepherds and Bethlehem all lose their importance.


      A. Why did Jesus Come? (Luke 19:10)

This is just an example of how these sermons are out-lined in this book. This sermon - The Importance of Christmas - can be found on page 163. This paper-back book has a total of ninety-one sermons spanning 328 pages.

Book Information:

Published: 3/3/2014
Format: Perfect Bound Soft-cover
Pages: 328
Size: 6x9
ISBN: 978-1-49317-038-8
Print Type: B/W

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We hope that if you do purchase this book that you will gain a better understanding of the real meaning behind Christmas, and that is the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.